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Chocolate overnight oats



I bet you know that heavy feeling after breakfast, which sometimes results in feeling hungry again fast. It could happen because of the protein shortage in your breakfast. Even though oats porridge is a good choice in the morning, it is not a source of protein. That’s why I add my Daily Spoon for energy, which has plant based protein and gives the porridge a gentle chocolaty flavor. 

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Ingredientai Ingredients
1 cup  oats (better whole grain)
1 cup  plant-based milk (I used almond milk)
1 teaspoon chia seeds
1.5 tablespoon  Daily Spoon for Energy blend
On the top nuts, seeds, berries 


Mix the oatmeal, milk, chia seeds and Energy blend in a jar and put in the fridge for a night.


In the morning, season your overnight oats with fruits. If you want some extra sweetness, you can put some chocolate pieces or maple syrup on the top 🙂 


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